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Welcome to Death Note: Son of L.

20 years after the death of the great detective, L, Kira has returned and Near has taken it upon himself to finish the case once and for all. But he comes across a better candidate to finish the "God of the New World" off, L's only child.

The End

Son of L has actual been completed for over a year but today marks when it ends on SJ.

Thanks for reading! Check out my original works too! ^^



In real time SOL has been done since mid March. I'm really sorry I'm so slow updating. I'm working on it. ^^
See? New Banner and everything!

Hey there!

Hey, uh... I'm Air Vee and this is Death Note: Son Of L.
Now this doesn't really affect anyone here but I was hacked on DeviantArt and am having a hard time re-uploading my comics. However they'll still be uploaded here though. Just... Not at the same rate. Cureently on DA Chapter 5 has made it's debut. While here Chapter 2 is barely up.

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